Huawei executive arrested in Canada

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Canadian authorities have arrested Huawei’s chief financial officer at the request of US law enforcement.

Wanzhou Meng, the deputy chair of the Chinese telecommunications giant, was arrested in Vancouver on 1 December, a spokesman for Canada’s Department of Justice said.

She is being sought for extradition by the United States, he said.

He declined to say more about the case, citing a publication ban requested by Ms Meng and ordered by the courts.

Ms Meng is the daughter of Huawei’s founder. She will face a bail hearing on Friday, the spokesman, Ian McLeod, said.

Huawei could not immediately be reached for comment.

US media have reported that the US is investigating Huawei for potential violations of US sanctions against Iran.

US lawmakers have also repeatedly accused the company of being a threat to US national security, arguing that its technology could be used for spying by the Chinese government.

The claims have come as the US has brought a number of legal cases against Chinese technology firms, citing them for cyber-security theft as well as violations of US sanctions against Iran.

Earlier this year, it barred US companies from exporting to Chinese telecommunications firm ZTE over violations of the Iranian sanctions, effectively shutting down the firm.

The US later replaced the ban with a fine and governance changes.

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