Fox News drops 'fair and balanced' slogan without announcement

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Roger Ailes, the Fox News founder, died last month but had resigned as chairman after sexual harassment allegations were made against him

The US news network Fox News has dropped its slogan “fair and balanced”.

An executive told CNN that the decision had “nothing to do with programming or editorial decisions”.

Last August, producers were asked to use the slogan “Most watched, most trusted” instead but there has been no official announcement of the change.

Gabriel Sherman, the journalist, who broke the story tweeted that the slogan had been an “iconic tagline of the Roger Ailes era”.

Mr Ailes, the founder and ex-chairman of Fox News, resigned last year after female employees made sexual harassment allegations against him, and died last month aged 77.

Fox News is arguably the most powerful voice in conservative media in the US.

President Donald Trump regularly quotes the channel in his frequent Twitter statements.

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On social media, some people joked about the change

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Others broadly supported the broadcaster

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