Toronto Film Festival: The Cured premiere disrupted by fire alarm

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Juno and Inception actress Ellen Page stars in The Cured

Don’t you just hate it when you’re at the premiere of a new zombie thriller and a fire alarm goes off during a crucial scene?

Okay, maybe it’s never happened to us before either, but it certainly resulted in a whole lot of traffic jams at the Toronto Film Festival.

The Cured had been showing at the Ryerson Theatre on Saturday evening.

But more than an hour into the film, an alarm started sounding and the lights were turned on.

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The audience poured out onto the street after the fire alarm went off

The movie, which stars Ellen Page, initially continued playing but staff soon appeared and told audience members to evacuate the building immediately.

Oh dear.

There was a general air of drama and confusion… but the building reopened after around half an hour.

Most importantly, the zombie thriller resumed from where it left off.

Otherwise that could have been one hell of a cliff hanger.

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