Twin Atlantic: TRNSMT couldn't be closer to home

It might be the first time TRNSMT festival has taken place in Glasgow, but for one act they couldn’t be closer to home.

Local band Twin Atlantic, who’ve just come back from supporting System of a Down in Moscow, are playing on the Sunday line-up.

Front man Sam McTrusty said: “It couldn’t be closer for us, you could probably measure it metres, how far away the stage is from our rehearsal rooms.

“It’s the closest door-to-door gig we could do.”

The four-piece rock band are from Glasgow and practice in studios right on Glasgow Green where the first TRNSMT is taking place.

“The Glasgow Green has been used for decades and decades – it used to be common space, I mean people used to hang their laundry there back in the day.

“It’s always been regenerated and found a different use, whether for concerts or just for people to walk their dogs.

“Our drummer Craig runs through it to get to our practice space. It’s a big space, close to the water, it’s a cool place to host an event like this,” explains Sam.

Twin Atlantic are no strangers to playing in front of a Scottish crowd, and have enjoyed playing T in the Park through the years.

They headlined the BBC Radio 1 Stage on the Saturday at T 2015.

Twin Atlantic

Image caption Performing at T in 2015

“Compared to T in the P it’ll be very different. Time will tell if that’s a good or bad thing.

“I think it’s going to open a whole avenue of possibilities. Maybe they’ll theme it more to focusing on bands like this year is,” continues Sam.

“The city festival is pretty popular throughout Europe, so that’s cool.

“I’m definitely up for it – if I wasn’t playing I’d definitely be going – I think that says it all,” he laughed.

On Sunday Twin Atlantic will play between Blossoms and Two Door Cinema Club before Biffy Clyro headline.

“The TRNSMT line-up is one of the better line ups I’ve seen this summer. There’s not many billings that come close to this. It would be almost foolish to not experience this one,” says Sam.

“Obviously this is our home town, but we were surprised to be included on the bill because every other band has had a number one album in the UK. We aren’t quite at that height yet although we have managed top ten, but it is mad to be included in such a prestigious bill.”

“I’ve learned over the last decade, you can’t count on anything when it comes to live music, especially when it comes to festivals.

“Yes we are from Glasgow but we are walking out there with an open mind. We need the crowd to turn up for us.

“We have such diverse songs and we take people on a rollercoaster ride with our set from start to finish so in order for them to really enjoy it they need to give us that energy and passion back.

“I’m sure with a little bit of magic, we can meet in the middle and make something memorable happen.”

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