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Theresa May: I’m here to stay

She’s faced huge criticism since the Conservatives lost their House of Commons majority in the snap election she called for, but Theresa May insists she wants to remain prime minister “for the long term”. She told the BBC’s Ben Wright she could win the next election, scheduled for 2022.

“What me and my government are about is not just delivering on Brexit but delivering a brighter future for the UK,” she said. Mrs May, described as a “dead woman walking” by former Chancellor George Osborne, has sought to consolidate her position by reaching a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson promised Mrs May his “undivided backing”, but Labour’s Jon Trickett said the prime minister was “deluding herself” and leading a “zombie government”.

Dugdale: I was outed as gay against my will

Labour’s former leader in Scotland has told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme she was forced to come out as gay after comments about her sexuality were included in a magazine article. Kezia Dugdale, who resigned from her political role on Tuesday, said she had asked for the quotes not to be used in the Fabian Review. But the article’s author said “at no point” had she received this request. Ms Dugdale is in a relationship with an SNP politician, which she said people found more “fascinating” than her sexuality.

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Texas chemical plant expected to explode

The aftermath of Storm Harvey, which has killed at least 33 people, continues to cause damage, with energy supplies hit and oil companies shutting down pipelines. Now it’s been revealed that a chemical plant near the flooded city of Houston is expected to explode or catch fire, as there is no way to refrigerate the compounds kept there. The smoke produced at the Arkema plant will irritate skin, eyes and lungs, the public has been warned.

Diana remembered

It’s 20 years since Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a car crash in Paris. Royal correspondent Peter Hunt asks how the Royal Family has changed during the years since. And the BBC’s Alex Regan looks at the legacy Diana left her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, just 15 and 12 when she died.

North Korea: What are the options?

By Justin Bronk, Royal United Services Institute

A successful invasion of North Korea led by the US would leave it responsible for rebuilding a shattered country. North Korea has existed in an unparalleled state of psychological manipulation, chronic economic hardship and isolation for over 60 years. The monumental task of reintegrating East Germany after the Cold War pales in comparison. The reality is that none of the military options available to the US for dealing with North Korea come without high costs and significant risks – considerations which it will have to weigh up against uncertain and problematic potential outcomes.

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What the papers say

Several papers lead with Theresa May’s comments on wanting to remain in power for several years, with the Daily Telegraph calling them a “radical departure” for the prime minister, who previously vowed to stay on only as long as her party wanted her to. The Times says she wants to stay on to focus on social justice as well as Brexit and feels “emboldened” by a lack of Conservative challengers. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports on the “moving” viewing by Princes William and Prince Harry of floral tributes to their mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. “She’s still the people’s princess” is the Sun’s headline.

Daily digest

Building collapse At least 30 people feared trapped in Mumbai

Terror suspect Manchester bomber’s brother faces trial in Libya

‘Legal highs’ Review set up after laughing gas cases collapse

Free childcare Nurseries warn of “chaos” over 30 hours’ provision

If you watch one thing today

One man’s march for indigenous rights

If you listen to one thing today

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Was Byron much cop before he was famous?

If you read one thing today

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And Vinyly

Turning the dead into vinyl records

Today’s lookahead

Today It’s football’s transfer deadline day, with the English transfer window closing at 23:00 and Scotland’s at midnight.

11:30 The United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities publishes its set of policy recommendations for the UK.

On this day

1989 Buckingham Palace announces that Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips are to separate after 16 years or marriage.

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