Newspaper headlines: Johnson backs off and Trump speech stuns

Times front page

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The Times says Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has pulled back from the brink of resignation after striking a backroom deal with Number 10 before Theresa May’s key Brexit speech in Florence on Friday. The development follows four days of cabinet turbulence, notes the Times.

Telegraph front page

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Similarly, the Daily Telegraph says Mrs May made peace with Mr Johnson by securing a cabinet truce over the UK’s future payments to the EU. “The deal involves paying substantial sums to the EU until at least 2020, but no further payments after Britain’s transition period,” it reports.

Financial Times front page

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The Financial Times says German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be told to expect an offer of at least 20bn euros (£18bn) to fill a post-Brexit black hole by Theresa May. The paper says it is the first attempt by London to meet European demands to settle its divorce bill.

Metro front page

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The Metro reflects on US President Donald Trump’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly. The paper says he threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea, describing Kim Jong-un as a “‘Rocket Man on a suicide mission”.

Guardian front page

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It also makes the lead for the Guardian, which says Mr Trump lashed out at a litany of US adversaries and called on “righteous” nations to confront them. “The speech was greeted in the UN chamber mostly with silence and occasional outbreaks of disapproving murmurs as Trump castigated a succession of hostile regimes,” recounts the Guardian.

I front page

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The i says Mr Trump denounced “wicked, evil” Iran and threatened to intervene in Venezuela. The speech echoed George Bush’s “axis of evil” address a year before the Iraq War, remarks the i.

Express front page

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The Daily Express says Mr Trump warned that the US might have “no choice but to totally destroy” North Korea.

Mirror front page

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“Kim Jong-un… the monster and me.” The Daily Mirror has a special report from the North Korean border about a defector who has fled the dictator’s inner circle to tell of their horror.

Mail front page

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The Daily Mail says Theresa May will use a summit in New York on Wednesday to warn tech giants Google and Facebook they will face punishing fines unless they remove terrorist propaganda within two hours. Her patience is running out over their and their rivals’ failure to clamp down on jihadist groups, says the Mail.

Sun front page

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The Sun carries the same story on its front page, but leads on delighted 47-year-old Tess Morten who has stunned the medical world by having her first baby seven years after going through the menopause.

The Times says Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson “pulled back from the brink of resignation”.

It says he has struck a backroom deal with Number 10, securing a promise that Theresa May will not use her speech in Florence on Friday to sign the UK up to a “Swiss-style” relationship with the EU after Brexit.

The Daily Telegraph talks of the prime minister securing a cabinet truce, with a deal under which Britain would pay substantial sums to the EU until at least 2020, but no further payments after the transition period.

The Financial Times says Mrs May will offer to fill a post-Brexit EU budget hole of at least 20bn euros.

“Just go BoJo,” is the Daily Mirror’s view – although it says his yearning to be a Brexit martyr is the only reason Mrs May should not sack him.

The Daily Mail thinks there is more at stake that Mr Johnson’s career – but “of course he should stay, fighting inside the tent for a meaningful Brexit”.

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According to the Guardian, US President Donald Trump “stunned” the UN with his threat to totally destroy North Korea.

The paper talks of him “lashing out at a litany of US adversaries” in a speech greeted mostly with silence, and outbreaks of disapproving murmurs.

The FT calls it a “tirade”.

His words have reverberated around the world, not least in South Korea, where the Korea Herald describes it as a “combative speech” in front of a “murmuring crowd”.

The Seoul-based Joongang Daily talks of “a blistering speech” – but one which signalled little in the way of policy change.

Here, the Mirror leads on a special report from the North Korean border, telling the story of a defector who has fled Kim Jong-un’s inner circle.

She describes in horrific detail the brutality of Kim Jong-un and how he casually orders the often bizarre executions of anyone he deems to have crossed him or his party, and forces thousands of people to watch.

The officer leading the UK military’s hurricane relief effort in the Caribbean has strongly defended the operation after the foreign secretary described the international response as “all a bit piecemeal and hand-to-mouth”.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Brig John Ridge said: “We took a degree of risk in order to make sure we could respond as quickly as possible.”

He says the priority was “to get in there and get doing stuff” – and he is very comfortable with what has been achieved.

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According to the Times, a detective in Bedfordshire who tried to blackmail a man seen leaving a brothel was assigned to investigate the case once the victim reported the crime to the police.

Det Con Gareth Suffling was found out after colleagues became suspicious about his nervousness and constant checking of his mobile phone.

He was jailed for 18 months after pleading guilty at at St Albans Crown Court.

Finally, the Sun’s front page has a picture of a baby girl it calls the “menopause miracle”.

Tess Morten, 47, from Reading had given up hope of ever having a child after three failed rounds of IVF.

But when she went to hospital for an emergency scan for suspected cancer, she found out instead that she was three months pregnant.

Experts believe HRT treatment she was undergoing might account for it.

She tells the paper: “I’ve been blessed.”

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